Five Reasons To Love ……

….. HMV Curzon in Wimbledon

Perched on top of the HMV store opposite Wimbledon station, the HMV Curzon is a wee gem.  It may be competing against a multiplex just round the corner, but seems to be quite happily holding its own by serving up a mix of blockbusters and less mainstream offerings.

So why do I like it?

  • Good selection of films.  Recent movies I’ve seen there include True Grit, Blue Valentine, Tinker Tailor and Jack Goes Boating.
  • Small screening rooms.  All three are comfortable, with the largest holding just over 100 people.  And the raked seating is a definite plus when a six footer decides to sit in front.
  • Bargain price!  If you go to a screening which starts before 2 pm, it costs just a fiver.  And that’s seven days a week!
  • Minimal popcorn.  I’m not a fan of the sticky, smelly, noisy stuff and, while they do sell it here, they don’t make a big deal of it and I’ve not seen many people bringing the dreaded tubful into the screening room.
  • Nice bar.  They let you take your drink into the film, which is decidedly civilised, and they serve a good cappuccino.

Hopefully some – if not all – of that will encourage you to try out the place.  And, before you ask, this isn’t a shameless ploy to blag  free Curzon tickets.  Some of today’s cinemas aren’t wonderful – I’ve never forgotten the sticky carpet in the auditorium on my one and only visit to the Odeon in Tottenham Court Road! – so when I find somewhere good, I like to spread the word.


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