And Another BAFTA Thing …..

The sweetest BAFTA of all


With the results announced, let’s leave the winners to be photographed and interviewed, while we look at a few other BAFTA-related stories ………..

The Best Chocolate Award went to the London branch of Hotel Chocolat that constructed a giant BAFTA award from the wonderful dark stuff and half covered it with gold leaf.  In tonight’s temperatures, it could have quite easily taken its place alongside the other giant trophies outside the Royal Opera House without melting.  What happens to it now is anybody’s guess – but I want the piece without the gold leaf!

I really hope Stephen Fry didn’t scupper Tilda Swinton’s chances of the Best Actress BAFTA when he referred to Meryl Streep as Mrs Thatcher Award Snatcher ……

While I write this, you’re probably watching the ceremony on TV.  So why was it that the many film critics currently at the Berlin Film Festival were able to watch it live?  Yet back home, where it was actually taking place, BBC TV transmission was just starting as the ceremony drew to an end?  Surely the Beeb could do better than this.  Given that it lost the Oscars to Sky some years ago, isn’t this tailor made for the Red Button?

Now pass that chocolate ……….


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