Thank You, Claudia and Danny!

Film 2012's Claudia and Danny

Last night may have been a small but defining moment in the short life of The Coops Review.  Only time will tell.

The latest incarnation of BBC One’s long-running film show (previous hosts include Jonathan Ross and Barry Norman), Film 2012 has used social media, Twitter especially, to make viewers’ comments an integral part of the show.  In the run-up to each episode, it usually tweets about the regular Top Five feature, asking for suggestions.  This week’s was about teenagers in movies.  Cue The Coops Review!

I’ve sent in ideas before, watched the programme but never got a name-check.  This time I tweeted “Kevin.  We were all talking about him” – and promptly forgot to watch the show!  It was only when a friend texted me to say that The Coops Review had been mentioned that I knew they’d used it.  Thank goodness for i-Player.  If you want to see it for yourself, episode 8 of Film 2012 is on i-Player for the next seven days:   Or it’s repeated on BBC One next Monday, 5 March at 1.45 am.  Unless you’re a real night owl, it’s probably one for the recorder.

So thank you Claudia and Danny.  Hopefully this won’t be the only time you feature The Coops Review.  Now, about you reading it more often ……..


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