I’ve Never Seen Star Wars …..

Is this from Star Wars? I wouldn't know .....

I’m starting with an apology. “Marcus Brigstocke, I’m sorry”.

It’s only fair.  Radio Four listeners among you will have immediately noticed that I’ve borrowed the name of his most recent – and, in my opinion, best – comedy show.

But it’s true – that I’ve never seen Star Wars, I mean.  Nor have I any intention of doing so, and I’m even less inclined now that we’re being bombarded with 3-D versions.  Why?  I don’t do sci-fi.  It’s just never really grabbed me and I can’t see my opinion changing now.  In all my movie going years, I’ve only ever seen three: Blade Runner, Alien (it scared the proverbial out of me) and Star Man (probably more romance than sci-fi).  They were all good, but they didn’t encourage me to see more of the genre.

My feelings towards fantasy and horror are much the same.  They just leave me cold.  I saw Pan’s Labyrinth and loved it and I thought The Shining was pretty good too, but I’ve quite happily let the Lord of the Rings trilogy pass me by without a second thought.  I did read The Hobbit and liked it – but I was 12 at the time!  Maybe there’s a clue in that.  Nor do I suffer withdrawl symptoms over not having seen any of the Harry Potter canon: I’ve not read any of the books either, and still manage to lead a normal life.

But there’s a world of difference between deliberately not seeing a film and simply missing it for no particular reason.  And there are titles on that second list that I’m actively ashamed to say I’ve not seen – worse still, I don’t even have a good reason why not, which is even more embarrassing!

So far, I’ve counted ten and, in alphabetical order, they are: Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Doctor Strangelove, Kes, Lock Stock, Pulp Fiction, Raging Bull, Slumdog Millionaire, The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, The Hurt Locker and Toy Story.

Embarrassingly on the list - Pulp Fiction

I genuinely have no idea how or why I didn’t come to see Pulp Fiction: I thoroughly enjoyed Reservoir Dogs, and it wasn’t as if I was unaware of the film when it came out, so that one is truly blush-making.  As is The Diving Bell And The Butterfly.  The most I’ve ever seen is a clip, shown when I went to Ronald Harwood’s lecture on screenwriting at the BFI – and I knew then that I’d missed something special.  The reputation of Raging Bull’s graphic boxing scenes may have put me off – I’m not keen on boxing per se – but that’s no excuse to miss what is probably Scorcese’s best film.

So I’ve set myself a challenge for the summer months.  The standard of films on release at that time of the year is usually pretty low – although this year may be an exception, courtesy of The Dark Knight Rises and others – and the TV isn’t much better.  They both assume that we’ll all be outside in the sun.   If it’s a typically British summer, I should have plenty of opportunity to watch those ten as DVDs.  Admittedly, some of them could suffer from being viewed on the small screen but, short of buying a massive TV that would completely take over my cosy living room, it’s the best I can do.  As I tick them off the list, I’ll post a review as usual on The Coops Review and record a podcast as well.

The order in which I approach them will be down to my DVD rental company, so it could be more than a little random, but if I keep my list tight, I should get to see them all.

I’ll keep you posted!



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