Like Orange Wednesdays? Have Orange Home Broadband? Then Read On …….

But only if you’re an Orange mobile customer …………

I’ve always thought Orange Wednesdays was a great promotion.  Straightforward, well targeted and good for encouraging more people into the cinema.  And, given that the phrase has more or less slipped into the vernacular, I can’t be the only one that thinks that way.

So, when the promotion was extended to Orange home broadband customers a few years back, I jumped at the chance and registered – although it has to be said that most people still think it only applies to mobile customers.

But if you’re a home broadband customer who’s registered for Orange Wednesdays, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that, at the moment at least, it does only apply to mobile customers.

Last week, I sent my usual text to obtain my code, but the reply I received asked me to dial another number – all to do with the arrival of EE.  I did as I was asked, and was then asked for my landline number, which I provided – only to be told that they had no record of my number.  I had, in effect, been de-registered.

I won’t bore you with Orange Customer Services’ stonewalling tactics.  In line with the EE website, they told me that it would take five days to re-register me – the same time as it takes to register somebody new to the promotion.  So much for customer loyalty, then!  Five days came and went.  Nothing happened.  You’re not surprised, are you?  Neither was I.

After that, I by-passed Customer Services by going straight to the top – and got a straight answer at long last.  And it is this.  There is a problem with Orange Wednesday registrations for Orange home broadband customers as a result of the move to EE.  They are working on putting it right but cannot give a timescale for when it will be resolved.  It’s frustrating.  But at least I know now and am not expecting it to happen on a particular day, only to be let down.

So, if you have Orange home broadband and are registered for Orange Wednesdays, try texting the usual number to see what happens – assuming you haven’t done so already.  If, like me, you’ve fallen into the proverbial EE black hole, you could complain to Customer Services – but I wouldn’t expect too much of them.

A better idea for the time being would be to find a friend (or should that be phone a friend) who is an Orange mobile customer and who can either accompany you to the flix or send you a code when you need it.

And when normal service is resumed, I’ll let you know!



3 thoughts on “Like Orange Wednesdays? Have Orange Home Broadband? Then Read On …….

  1. Same problem here. Last Wedneday all ready to se the new James Bond film. Snet my text off for the Orange Wedneday promotion only for a reply saying I was no longer registered. I then send a text to register together with my landline number. Text came back saying my landline number not recognised and to phone customer services. The telephone number they gave for customer services was not recognised due to a missing digit. I eventually found the correct number on the Orange website. Managed to get through to them after a wait and after complaining my account was credited with the cost of a cinema ticket. So saw the film which, by the way, was very good. Not impressed with Orange.

  2. Was this issue ever resolved? Here we are 5 months later and I am still having this exact problem. Orange have been utterly useless in dealing with it after 4 months of calling them regularly.

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