Orange Wednesdays – The Sequel

It seems normal service has resumed ………


It’s now about ten days since I complained to the Orange CEO about my de-registration from Orange Wednesdays.  At the time, I was told they were working on the problem, but couldn’t say when it would be resolved.  But I would receive a text to tell me when I had been re-registered.

So I thought I’d send a text to the new number, 60005, to see what came back.  I expected the usual “Sorry, we do not recognise your number ….” blah, blah.  But, to my utter astonishment, the reply confirmed I was now registered for Orange Wednesdays!  And I was very pleased!

But what would have happened if I’d waited for Orange to text me when I’d been re- registered?  I can’t prove it, of course, but the chances are very high that I would have carried on waiting …. and waiting …… and waiting.

Perhaps expecting them to be as good as their word was simply unrealistic.

Have I spoken too soon, though?  It seems not.  As ticket codes now cost 35p each, I threw caution to the wind and splashed out, just to make sure it worked.  And, indeed, I am now the proud owner of a code for this week.

Flix, anybody?



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