Who Will The Oscars Go To?

Could it be tenth time lucky for Roger Deakins?

Could it be tenth time lucky for Roger Deakins?

In just over a week’s time, it’ll be all over.  The gold statuettes will have been handed out, the speeches made/cut short, the losers stretching their lips into forced smiles ….. yes, the American Academy will have handed out the Oscars.

Once we reach Tuesday, the closing date for votes, all the lobbying grinds to a halt and then it’s just the usual round of interviews and photographs for the contenders.  But who’s going to carry off the big trophies on Sunday night?  Here’s my predictions

Best Picture

My film of 2012, Argo, has gathered such a head of steam that it’s difficult to see anything else winning, despite the absence of a Best Director nod for Ben Affleck.  After all, it doesn’t always follow that the winner of Best Director goes on to win Best Picture: think  Ang Lee and Brokeback Mountain (although why Crash won Best Picture is still a mystery), or Roman Polanski and The Pianist (Chicago took Best Picture that year).

Best Director

Academy favourite Stephen Spielberg has his name on this.  Despite being showered with nominations by all the major awards, Lincoln has relied on its star Daniel Day-Lewis to bring home nearly all its trophies.  The American Academy will want to redress the balance, especially given the political context of the film.

Best Actor

And speaking of Daniel Day-Lewis …………

Best Actress

The BAFTAs did their usual trick of upsetting the apple cart earlier this month.  This category had hitherto been regarded as a two horse race between Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty and Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook.  But BAFTA had other ideas and gave the award to Emmanuelle Riva in Amour.  It’s her 86th birthday on Oscar night and, if she wins, she’ll be the oldest ever Oscar winner.  And she will be.

Best Supporting Actor

How do you pick a winner out of these five?  They’re all previous Oscar winners and they’re all strong contenders.  I’m going to keep faith with my BAFTA choice and winner, Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained – but it’ll only be by a whisker.

Best Supporting Actress

Almost as done a deal as Best Actor this year, this is pretty much a dead cert for Anne Hathaway.  But I wish it could be Helen Hunt in The Sessions.

So that’s the main awards covered.  But, with the voting deadline nearly here, could I put in a plea to the Academy on behalf of Britain’s Roger Deakins?  This year marks his tenth nomination for Best Cinematography – and he’s never won!  Surely the Coen Brother’s favourite director of photography and the man behind the camera for the likes of No Country For Old Men, The Assassination of Jesse James and The Shawshank Redemption has more than earned it.  OK, his nomination for Skyfall doesn’t necessarily represent his best work – but an Oscar’s an Oscar.  Pleeeeeeease ………..



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