Review: Labor Day

A hostage movie.  Or is it?

A hostage movie. Or is it?


It’s never a good sign when a movie’s release date is put back.  Originally scheduled for February, Jason Reitman’s Labor Day finally hits British screens this Friday, 21 March, some five months after its appearance at last year’s London Film Festival.

Perhaps it didn’t get the reception the makers expected.  Or perhaps the audiences didn’t get the movie they expected, when what appears to be a hostage story turns into an implausible romance, all the space of three days.  Despite the efforts of the cast, especially young actor Gatlin Griffith, the basic premise of the story is simply unbelievable and not even star names like Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin can save it.

It may have been a labour of love for the cast and crew, but it’s more like hard labour for the audience.  Find out why in my review for,


Labor Day goes on general release in the UK on Friday, 21 March.





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