A New Home For Talking Pictures



My weekly movie show, Talking Pictures, is moving!

If you’re a regular listener, you’ll already know that Turquoise Radio is closing down, so it was time to find a new home.  So, as of next week, Talking Pictures joins the schedule of the new internet radio station, One Radio.  The show will still go out on Thursday evenings, but at the slightly earlier time of 7 pm.  And all the regular features will be there – new cinema and DVD releases, The Big Interview, the latest movie news and the very best in movie music.

The first edition goes out next Thursday at 7 pm and in the hot seat for The Big Interview will be no less than Benedict Cumberbatch, talking about his role in The Imitation Game, which is released next Friday.

One Radio’s full schedule is on their website, http://www.oneradio.co.uk/#, together with details on how to listen.

Don’t forget to join me each and every Thursday evening at 7 pm for your weekly movie fix – only on One Radio.  You could say it’s The One For Movies!


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