The Talking Pictures Podcast



First Talking Pictures was on Turquoise Radio.  When the station folded, it moved to One Radio but, if you’ve tried to listen to the station lately, you’ll have discovered it’s no longer on air either.

The one thing I didn’t want to do was to stop making Talking Pictures.  So, instead of moving it to another station, it’s getting a more permanent home – as a podcast.

The first edition will be available from the end of this month.  It’ll contain everything you expect from your essential guide to the movies, including new cinema releases, The Big Interview, new DVDs, the top five at the British box office and the latest movie news.  Everything you need to know about what’s happening in the world of films.

There’ll be a short, pilot version of the podcast later this week, so that you can give it a try.  In the meantime, to keep up to date with everything you need to know about Talking Pictures, check The Coops Review for updates, follow me on Twitter @TheCoopsReview or ‘like’ the new Talking Pictures Facebook page,

So, if you enjoy The Coops Review, I look forward to welcoming you to Talking Pictures!



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