Review: Results

In love?  Really?

In love? Really?


Title:                         Results

Certificate:               15

Director:                   Andrew Bujalksi

Major Players:         Guy Pearce, Cobie Smulders, Kevin Corrigan

Out Of Five:             3         


Not that I’m thinking of joining a gym, but if Guy Pearce ran it, I might give it serious thought.  Well, you would, wouldn’t you?  He certainly comes somewhere in my top ten actors – even though, in my humble opinion, he’s seriously underrated – and, judging from Results, he literally does have the muscles for the job.

He has muscles as an actor as well, although I’m not wholly convinced that they stretch to a film that aims to be a romantic comedy.  It’s not really his natural hunting ground and, on this showing, it’s doesn’t look like his strength either.  But, then, this is a film that doesn’t just fall between two stools, it’s more of a cut and shut.

Pearce plays Trevor, the proud owner of the gym Power 4 Life.  He’s invested so much, and so much of himself, in the place that, when he explains the philosophy behind the business, he sounds like he’s swallowed the management manual whole.  One of the trainers, the assertive Kat (Cobie Smulders), has the lion’s share of clients yet bulldozes Trevor into letting her take on another one, the seriously rich ‘n’ slobby Danny (Kevin Corrigan).  Still reeling from his recent divorce, Danny takes more than a shine to Kat, but it’s not mutual.  And then Trevor finds he needs an investor so that he can expand the business …….

The first 50 minutes work perfectly fine as a less than conventional triangle, and not an especially romantic one.  Trevor tries to run the gym and manage the headstrong Kat, while she’s trying to fight off the attentions of the lonely Danny.  Then the film suddenly hits a brick wall because, out of the blue, it’s revealed that Trevor and Kat had a fling when she started work at the gym.  Until then, there hasn’t been the slightest hint of anything other than a professional relationship and there’s certainly no sign of any spark between them. Talk about a surprise!

The rest of the film lurches along, trying desperately to fit the rom-com mould and keep the triangle format. Now Danny is investing in Trevor’s business – until Trevor confesses to his backer that he loves Kat.  Danny gets cold feet over the deal and sells his half of the business to Kat.  OK, you can see where it’s going to end but, although the couple are supposed to be working out how they feel about each other, there’s still remarkably little chemistry between them.  And there are times when you definitely wonder what on earth Trevor sees in her.

This is a film of two halves, so much so that it actually feels like two movies literally  sandwiched together.  There’s not enough in the first 50 minutes for a full length feature and the same applies to the second half, so director Andrew Bujalksi has welded them together to make one.  Trouble is, you can definitely see the join.

Despite my initial reservations about Guy Pearce doing comedy, the three main players give it their best shot and at least the script gives them enough to get their teeth into.  Kevin Corrigan’s Danny, for example, appears to have “desperate” tattooed on his forehead and anybody of the female persuasion can see it a mile off.  It’s a turn off, an even bigger one than his skinny white legs, paunch and general air of self-pity.

If Results could decide what it wants to be and stick to it, we’d have a something funnier and, perhaps most importantly, more cohesive.  As it is, you’re just left with a lingering feeling that what could have been a lean, taut film is just flabby and fast running out of breath.


Results goes on limited released on Friday, 29 May.



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