Make Talking Pictures A Winner!



Talking Pictures has is in the final of the UK Podcasters Awards!

The show’s one of three finalists in the Best TV/Film Podcast category so, if you were one of the many people who voted, a huge thank you.  It really counted.  And now there’s more ……

The winners will be chosen by a combination of public vote and a panel of judges, so I need to ask you to show your support  just one more time.   Click here to go to the awards website and you’ll see a list of categories.  Just click on Best TV and Film Podcast, which is towards the end, and that page will show you how to vote.  And once you’ve voted, that’s it – because you’re only allowed to do it once this time.  The deadline is 23:59 on Monday, 31 August.

I really appreciate your support, especially for a podcast that’s only just over two months old, and hope you’ll vote for it again now we’re at the final stage.

Let’s make Talking Pictures a winner!





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