On This Week’s Talking Pictures ……


Johnny Depp.  Cate Blanchett.  Bryan Cranston.  They’re all in the line-up for this year’s London Film Festival and there’s a special preview of the UK’s number one movie event on this week’s Talking Pictures.

Owen Wilson is in the hot seat for the Big Interview and his action hero role in new release No Escape is under scrutiny.  Plus there’s the gentle comedy drama from Brazil, The Second Mother, and the first of the Kray movies, The Krays-Kill Order.

The Krays are on DVD as well, in Rise Of The Krays, as well as Carey Mulligan and an awful lot of sheep in Far From The Madding Crowd.  And the new top five at the British box office completes your essential guide to the movies.

It’s on iTunes, TuneIn and, to make things even easier, right here:

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