On This Week’s Talking Pictures ……..

Life on Mars ........

Life on Mars ……..


Epic stories take centre stage on the latest edition of Talking Pictures, your essential guide to the movies.

Matt Damon has to survive life on Mars in Ridley Scott’s outer space epic, The Martian, and Scott’s in the director’s chair for this week’s Big Interview.  Meanwhile, Michael Fassbender takes the lead in the latest film interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and, on a smaller scale, Robert de Niro goes back to work as The Intern.

On DVD, Simon Pegg and Lake Bell explore the perils of blind dating in Man Up.  The Moomin family take a holiday – in hand drawn animation – in Moomins On The Riviera and there’s gritty British drama, Catch Me Daddy.

Plus there’s the new top five at the British box office and the latest movie news.  It’s all packed into just over 20 minutes and it’s on iTunes, TuneIn and right here on The Coops Review:

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Can’t make up your mind what to watch this weekend?  The answer’s on Talking Pictures!


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