On This Week’s Talking Pictures …. James McAvoy


It all gets a bit monstrous on this week’s Talking Pictures, with actor James McAvoy swopping the lab for The Big Interview hot seat.  He’s talking about his new film, Victor Frankenstein, which was released in cinemas this week.

The Scottish theme continues with another of the new movies, Sunset Song, set at the turn of the 20th century, while the first cinematic turkey for this season arrives in the shape of Christmas With The Coopers.  They’re no relations of mine!

That most unlikely of super-heroes, Ant-Man, arrives on DVD, as does documentary Listen To Me Marlon and family drama, Max.  There’s the new top five at the British box office and, with Christmas looming on the horizon, I also look forward to the best movies to see during the holidays.

It’s all packed into exactly 20 minutes, it’s on iTunes, Tune In and right here on The Coops Review.  And, for more on Talking Pictures, don’t forget to like the official Facebook page, as well as following me on Twitter, @TheCoopsReview.





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