The Coops Review Top Ten Of 2015: Part 2

As the holiday grows ever closer, I’ve already revealed the first half of my top ten films of 2015.  Now it’s time for my five favourites.  I should add that, in making my selection, I’m only choosing movies that have been released in cinemas in the UK this year.  Which means that some of the films I reviewed at the London Film Festival but which haven’t been released yet, aren’t in contention.  They’ll have to wait until next year.

Last time it was numbers ten to six.  Here we go with five to one ……..



5   Sicario  

With Denis Villeneuve in the director’s chair, Roger Deakins in charge of the cinematography and a cast that included Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin and Emily Blunt, this white knuckle ride was a winner all the way.  Even better was that Del Toro gave his best performance in years: even when he just lingered in the background, it was him, your eyes never, ever left him.

Here’s the full review.



4   Inside Out

Disney Pixar’s ground breaking animation got a standing ovation in Cannes in May and deserved every second.  Inside Out was a film that struck a chord with everybody that saw it, from children who loved the colour and action, to adults who recognised moments from their own childhood.  There aren’t many films that have a truly universal quality, but this was one of those rarities.  In what was a wonderful year for animation, Inside Out was its crowning glory.

Here’s the full review.



3   45 Years

This intimate study of a long-standing marriage was, for me, the outstanding British film of the year.  Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtney played a couple who, while deeply fond of each other, were not true kindred spirits.  It was very nearly a two hander, with Rampling hardly off the screen, and her performance is utterly devastating.  She’s also my tip for the Best Actress BAFTA and we’ll find out if she’s made the shortlist when the nominations are announced on 8 January.


2   Carol

The most recent release to make my top ten, Todd Haynes’ film was a real labour of love in just about every sense.  This story of a love affair between two women (Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara) was both breathless and breath taking, with photography that was so exquisite that every frame was a little work of art in its own right.  It was a triumph all round.

Here’s the full review.


And so my Top Film Of 2015 is  ……… drumroll ………




It’s not often that a film gets me so excited that I leave the cinema feeling like I’m six feet off the ground.  But that’s exactly what happened with Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash, the story of the clash between an aspiring drummer and his unconventional teacher.  This lean, pumped up drama never missed a beat, moving at breakneck speed and boasting electric performances from its two main actors, especially the Oscar winning J K Simmons as the tyrannical teacher.

It was – and still is – blood, sweat, tears and 100% adrenaline.  2016 will have to produce something seriously special to compete with Whiplash.

Here’s the full review.


Talking of next year, I’ll be previewing the stand-out new releases of 2016 next week.  In the meantime, have a very Happy Christmas.



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