Talking Pictures – And An Awards Special!


There’s a double helping of Talking Pictures this week!  The new edition of the show has reviews of Room (above), Creed and The Revenant, with Leonardo Di Caprio taking up the hot seat for this week’s Big Interview.  And on DVD, there’s 45 Years, The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, No Escape and We Are Your Friends.  All those, along with the new top five at the British box office, are squeezed into just 20 minutes.  The show is on iTunes, TuneIn and here on The Coops Review:



But there’s more.  With the BAFTA nominations, Golden Globes ceremony and Oscar nominations all taking place in the same seven days, there simply wasn’t room to fit them all into this week’s show.  The answer?  A Talking Pictures Awards Special, your essential guide to the awards season – who won what, who was nominated for what and who didn’t figure at all.  You can listen on iTunes, TuneIn and right here as well:



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