Talking Pictures: Eddie The Eagle Lands!


It is a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s Eddie The Eagle and he’s flying high in the latest edition of Talking Pictures.  Taron Edgerton, who plays the title role, is in The Big Interview hot seat with co-star Hugh Jackman, to talk about the film.  And veteran stuntman, Vic Armstrong, recalls how he created those breathtaking ski jump sequences.

Also out in cinemas this week is the 30th anniversary re-issue of Akira Kurosawa’s Shakespearean epic, Ran, plus black comedy Welcome To Me.  While on DVD, there’s the turbo-charged indie movie, Tangerine, and Japanese animation in the form of Miss Hokusai.  Plus there’s the new top five at the British box office and just a smattering of movie news.

It’s all packed into 20 minutes and it’s on iTunes, TuneIn and right here:



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