An Arrival on Talking Pictures!



It’s part two of Amy Adams Fortnight on this week’s Talking Pictures.  Last week, she was in Nocturnal Animals, this time she’s trying to talk to aliens in Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival.  And she’s also fielding questions about the film in The Big Interview, recorded at the movie’s London press conference.

Also in cinemas this week is the moving World War II drama, The Innocents, while on DVD Daniel Radcliffe gets a buzz cut in Imperium and, topically, there’s trouble on the Mexican border for Gael Garcia Bernal in Desierto.  And, in a week when we need some cheering up, Holy Animation!  It’s the Dynamic Duo in Batman:Return Of The Caped Crusaders.  Plus there’s the new top five at the British box office and the latest movie news headlines.

Your essential guide to the movies is packed into 20 minutes.  It’s on iTunes, TuneIn and right here:



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